MyStadium Pro App

What is the myStadiumPro app?

Choose a healthy and active lifestyle and let the mySTADIUMpro fitness app guide you during your training sessions. Not only has tracking your progress never been this easy, the mySTADIUMpro app also let’s you pick a personalized routine, professionally guiding you with the use of video clips accompanying every exercise. Break out of your fitness slump and the same old routine, and reach your goals in a fast and efficient way. To make all of this even more interesting, you can join fun challenges and even invite your friends to do these with you. The mySTADIUMpro app also makes it possible to put in all of your measurements, so you can track your progress in the most thorough way.

Download the mySTADIUMpro app on your smartphone now, and connect it with other fitness and diet apps. Have any questions? Our instructors are here to help you out at any time!

The mySTADIUMpro app can be downloaded from the google play store and in the App store.