30’ circuittraining

BIOCIRCUIT by TechnoGym is a 30’ circuit training built around 6 strength and 2 cardio machines, that’s suited for everyone and that helps you reach all of your fitness goals through a personalized training program.
One of our certified and experienced instructors will carefully put together this personalized program for free during your first appointment. During this intake (which is mandatory in order to enjoy BIOCIRCUIT) your program will be installed on a TGS key. Through this key, you’ll be able to log into the BIOCIRCUIT kiosk at the start of every visit. This way your program will start automatically and the machines you use will be set to the correct height and resistance that you and our instructor have established during the intake. This means you’ll enjoy the perks of personal training without having to wait in between appointments: you can train whenever you want! This way you’ll train at your own pace while getting the best muscle activation.
Another huge advantage is that the screens of the machines will help you track your training and progress constantly and meticulously. For example: if the machine detects that the resistance is too low or too high for your fitness level and desired fitness goals, it’ll automatically adapt so you can train in the most efficient way.

Curious how BIOCIRCUIT can bring your training to the next level? Don’t hesitate to book a free appointment with one of our instructors!

To achieve the optimal result, we suggest multiple training sessions per week.