Perineum Training

What is Perineum Training?

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During Perineum Training, you will effectively strengthen your perineum. Please note, this is not rehabilitation.

The perineum is a set of muscles, ligaments and membranes that closes the abdominal cavity. Nicknamed “pelvic floor”, it supports the pelvic organs which are the uterus, bladder and rectum. It also ensures the contraction of the sphincters regulating the opening and closing of the different conduits.

This set of muscles that make up the perineum should not be forgotten during your training. Indeed, the perineum is a fragile area whose tone must be maintained so that it continues to fulfill its physiological role, particularly important with women. A toned perineum saves you from a lot of discomfort such as urinary leakage or organ descent.

To achieve the optimal result, we suggest following multiple courses per week in the presence of our experienced instructors.